I made three linked webpages using the program "Brackets." It was my first time experimenting with coding, so it was fairly interesting. I had a little trouble trying to figure out how to use a picture as a link, but I used text instead and the rest went smoothly. I was also unsure of the root folder situation, so I put all the .html's and photos I used in one folder. The pages seemed to work fine and all three are linked to one another. All in all this was a fun experience and I enjoyed learning something new.
Six GIFs I made - A Boring Sunday Night

GIFs these days are so commonly used that it is pretty much just a part of our society. Almost every day I am using GIFs in conversation, whether it’s as a reaction or just to start a conversation. GIFs are a huge part of today’s “meme culture” which plays a large role in how millennials communicate with each other on the most basic level. Everything is becoming more about technology than it is real conversation. Most of the time, if two people are actually talking face to face, technology, or memes, are the subject. I am constantly referencing them in day to day interactions with friends and acquaintances. It seems that GIFs and memes are becoming the new language in today’s culture. It’s easier to express how you feel with a reaction GIF than it is to try and explain with words. I believe it would be possible (however exhausting) to have an entire conversation with only GIFs. It is hard to picture a world where memes, especially in the form of GIFs didn’t exist. However, it is surpr…

Mother Nature

My formal project was inspired by the multiple natural disasters that we have seen as of late. I chose to make my project based on three different forces of nature: "Earth," "Sea," and "Wind." These three forces make up my collection titled, "Mother Nature." They all feature a humanoid female, composed of a drawing with multiple animal parts added to the mix. I belive this artistic choice gave a fantasy-like appearance to my pieces. Recent events (multiple hurricanes and earthquakes) played a huge role in the inspiration of this series. You always hear the news and whatnot villainizing "Mother Nature" and blaming disasters on Her, when in reality it is often the fault of the government and infrastructure for not being built to withstand disasters. Both natural and man-made. I wanted "Mother Nature" to be depicted as multiple strong and fearless women, standing up in the face of blatant criminalization and placing b…
For the formal project I am continuing the idea of "Mother Nature," but this time I will be focused on the natural aspect instead of the industrial aspect, specifically disasters (such as hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes). Since we are doing 3 projects, I will make one wind, one earth, and one sea, with the main point of each one being a female body, taking on characteristics of animals such as feathers, scales, or slippery skin. I intend to draw some parts of these pieces, probably the female bodies. I have selected some images that I want to use, which I have attached below. Even though the women will be covered in scales, etc., I still want them to look pretty, because despite how cruel nature may be, it's still incredibly beautiful.

There are many differences between digital photography/development and photography developed in a dark room using various mechanical tools. Of these differences, the main ones are the actual process of manipulating photos before the capture, and then the manipulation of an already taken photograph. Both of these things directly lead to the implication that all photos are faked, staged, or manipulated in some way.             This first difference can be seen in numerous photos, both old and new. The essay* we were given to read is all about how photos are not what they seem to be, and are in fact lying to us every single day. It even gives multiple examples from history when photos were staged to have a greater effect. But what does this mean about the photographers and the audience they so skillfully tricked? Does it mean they are evil and their audience is na├»ve? I do not believe so. As the article explains, pictures are staged in such ways to have a greater impact. And does somethi…
For my Formal Montage Project I would like to continue with the theme of my three informal montages. A working title for my formal project is "Mother Nature." I was trying to go with the idea of industrialism and pollution harming the environment. However, the fruit and flowers, some of the most colorful things found in nature, are shining through brightly and cheerfully. This also goes along with the idea that women (Mother Nature especially) are strong and vibrant creatures. In other words, not forces to be reckoned with. I think my final project might include images of hurricanes, using current events to push my ideals into the foreground. Additionally, I would like to make my formal montage a lot more detailed than the three montages I've already produced. I believe more details would increase the impact of the piece, allowing viewers to make out highlights and shadows within the female body.